Supply Chain & Distribution


Our ability to develop successful distribution solutions stems from the highly optimized pharmaceuticals distribution channels we’ve built over the last 9 years

An unparalleled range and depth of experience

Serving pharmaceutical companies’ distribution needs has always been an integral part of ExirHealth’s business. Over the years, we have been offering customers an unparalleled infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, vast network and dedicated customer service. Our ability to develop successful distribution solutions stems from the highly optimized pharmaceuticals distribution channels we’ve built over the last 9 years.

With our extensive geographic coverage, we are committed to reaching both urban and rural areas in every corner of the provinces in which we operate in. We have a full understanding of the market; the ability to detect trends and changes early on and, as a result can respond almost instantaneously to shifting needs. In addition to building and maintaining strong relationships with all relevant channels (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc.), we continuously reinvest in our distribution and logistics network because we understand how vital these are to our customers doing business across Iran .

Consumer Health

For our consumer health/OTC clients, we focus on delivering value-added solutions that maximize point-of-purchase availability, improve in-store visibility, and optimize consumer purchases.

Tailored solutions for highly diverse markets

Throughout complex, rapidly growing markets, Exir Health is dedicated to long-term client growth. Today’s consumer health/OTC health companies face unique challenges in the diverse and expansive iran markets. The consumer health/OTC market is highly valued with major sectors typically growing at twice the global rate. Market dynamics are complex, with highly diverse geographies in different provinces , variable levels of economic development, growing urbanization and varying degrees of modern trade retail development. This diversity in the Iran market is what drives Exir Health to provide unique client solutions in each market.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the region, Exir Health has developed individualized market strategies to provide our stakeholders with highly efficient distribution solutions designed to optimize reach and customer service. These solutions cover traditional pharma channels as well as the broad range of trade channels that are critical to our clients’ success in the consumer health-related product categories. In addition we provide trade marketing solutions to maximize point-of-purchase availability, improve brand visibility and generate consumer sales. Our clients can access various Exir Health information systems to acquire category performance information to better manage their brand portfolio. All Exir Health clients enjoy the full support of a fully integrated company with a best in class quality assurance, compliance and regulatory infrastructure.

With close ties throughout Iran , Exir Health serves a wide range of clients by offering tailored solutions for an array of products and services. We look forward to further expanding our services in iran and continue to develop business ties to ensure we provide the best possible service for all out clients.